Minnesota’s Upcoming Sports Complex/School/Theme Park/Museum

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Make Investments in Nature

with Our Sports Complex and Theme Park

Watch your team play at the Glass Bowl of Minnesota, a planned publicly-owned sports complex and ideology theme park in St. Paul, Minnesota. Developed by Peter Hansen Roess, the Clean Water Dream Team, and their large gathering of associates, this alpha/omega vortexing complex is sure to offer jobs to thousands of Minnesotans.

Sports Complex & Theme Park
The Minnesota sports community will love our new alpha-omega vortexing sports complex and ideology theme park. It will also feature an ecology-minded attraction to teach about environmental issues. The following sports and activities will occur at our Glass Bowl stadium:

 • Football
 • Hockey
 • Soccer
• Golf
• Tennis
• Swimming
• Basketball
• Track
• Environmental

• Investments
• Real Estate

Job Opportunities
In the near future, more than 30,000 Minnesotans could be employed at our alpha-omega vortexing complex. This is a just, genuine plan with the mission to increase gainful employment opportunities.

Buy Stock!
Million shares of stock are available initially at $200.00 per share. You may purchase one or more shares in our Chapter 1120 S-corporation. Shares are open to members, workers, laborers, and union members. Membership costs $20.00.

Baseball, Sports Complex in St. Paul, MN
Contact us at (877) 797-6924 in St. Paul, Minnesota, to help us build this vortexing sports complex.